The right editor can be a coach, a friend, a dose of tough love, and ultimately, the one to share your passion for your manuscript and help you apply the polish that’s needed to take your story to the next step. I’d love to be those things for you and assist you in your journey to publication.

My qualifications: Three years as EIC of my high school newspaper, Communications major in community college, 4+ years beta reading/editing/sensitivity reading for various authors.

Whether you’re aiming to be traditionally published or self-published, I offer several options for you. I believe in teamwork and sharing a genuine connection. I want to be a helper to you and a cheerleader, not just an editor.

My editing style is honest but encouraging. When I work on your manuscript, expect me to be straight-forward but to also champion your book like no one else will. Together, I believe we can do amazing things!

At this time, I am accepting full manuscripts only. I am happy to edit YA (young adult) and Romance titles.

Services Offered/Rates

**I offer a 10% discount if your manuscript is diverse/features marginalized voices. This can include LBGTQIAP characters, characters with disabilities, characters from marginalized religions, and so forth. Please see the We Need Diverse Books’ website for more information on diversity:) When booking, please let me know if your manuscript meets these guidelines!**

Synopsis Assistance ($50)

Whether you have a complete synopsis that needs help shining and enticing readers, a partial one, or only an outline, together we can build a great cover copy for you. We’ll go over the weaknesses and the strengths with unlimited tweaking until you’re satisfied.

Sensitivity Critique (starting at $0.005 a word)

For this package, if after a conversation about your book, we both feel my services are a fit for you, you can expect a full critique of your story. I’ll focus on any areas of your representation that could be problematic and give you advice on what steps you might take to correct them. I’m only able to sensitivity read for the following lived experiences: being a queer (bisexual) woman, socio-economical diversity/poverty, neuro-diverse/living with anxiety.

Disclaimer: A sensitivity read from me is not equal to an endorsement. Hopefully my feedback on how your book represents a marginalized person will help you! I believe you’ve come to me for a sensitivity read because you know how important positive representation is, but what you do with my feedback is, of course, your decision. 

This service includes one full read-through of your manuscript as well as an edit letter (1-3 Word pages) summarizing my feedback and my advice for you.

Developmental Editing (starting at $0.007 a word)

If your manuscript needs a high-level read-through with a attention to detail on things like pacing, plot structure, characterization, setting development, and shaping up the heart of your story, this may be the best fit for you. We’ll polish your book together and get it ready for the next level! Together, we’ll take the great foundation of your MS and make it even stronger via these edits of the whole picture.

This service includes one full read-through of your manuscript as well as a substantial edit letter (3-7 Word pages) covering each aspect I’ve read for and feedback/advice as to how to move forward.

Turnaround Times

With regards to the fact each book is different and one may be a bit more labor-intensive than others, these are estimates. Further fees may occur if rush turnaround is requested.

Synopsis Critique: This will vary depending on how many rounds of edits/tweaks we do on your cover copy, but generally once we’ve agreed to work together, you will have a first response from me within two days.

Sensitivity Critique: This will vary depending on the length of your book and how intensive my critique needs to be (with respect to rep), but once I receive your manuscript, you can expect a thorough response within three weeks-a month. Please leave time in your schedule for this.

Developmental Editing: Generally (and I will promptly communicate any delays to you or an updated time frame if your book length or level of attention will change my turnaround) you can expect your edits returned to you within two weeks.


I accept payment via Paypal. 50% of your expected cost is due upon my receipt of your manuscript. The other 50% will be due at the end of the project, when I send you the invoice. I will need an expected word count to determine what to charge. If the project becomes far more labor-intensive than expected or if you book me in advance and your word count changes drastically, your price may increase or decrease. I will cover that with you during the process.


“Molli has a natural eye for storytelling. Her edits are always insightful, and ultimately, make my story shine.” – Rebecca Paula, author of the Sutton College series and The Ravensdale series


“Molli was an amazing beta reader for my debut novel, Gemini. Her assessment of both my writing style and my story structure were thorough and spot on. She was gentle enough not to discourage a new writer and encouraging enough to propel me forward, giving me the advice I needed to make Gemini the story it is today. I would definitely recommend Molli as an editing partner in your writing journey.” – Dylan Quinn, author of the Gemini series


“It’s really hard to find someone whose editing style fits your writing style, but Molli and I were instantly a perfect match. She is kind and patient, but is never afraid to tell me where I’ve strayed and when I can do better. Not only does she have fantastic instincts when it comes to pacing, story, characterization, dialogue, etc, but she is also your own personal novel-writing cheerleader. I can’t imagine writing without her support and friendship, and I am so glad to have her in my corner. She can’t write your book for you, but she sure can help you whip your book into the best possible version of itself.” – Elizabeth Barone, author of the South of Forever series


“Molli’s edits are so spot-on. She points out all the things you’re too close to your own manuscript to see and explains exactly why they will stick out in the wrong way to a reader. My work shines when she’s done with her pass, and she has such a brilliant way of giving you real talk while also making you feel like a genius. She takes sweet, gentle care of my books and sends them back with a new perspective. So, for as long as Molli will have me, I’ll definitely be sending my manuscripts to her.” – Eliza Boyd, author of If The Hat Fits and One Chance Night

Fine Print

  • I will edit 3-5 pages as a free sample for you before we agree to work together, so that you can determine if my editing style matches what you’re looking for. If not, I have several other editors I might be able to suggest.
  • My edits will be thorough but not exhaustive. I suggest hiring a copy editor in addition to me.
  • My rates only include one full read-through. An additional one (or a new one if you’ve rewritten) will require another booking.
  • If your word count changes substantially between the time you book me and when I receive your manuscript, we will discuss any changes in payment.
  • Please format your manuscript in Times New Roman 11-12 point font in Microsoft Word (saved as .doc or .docx), as I’ll send notes back via Word (and Track Changes for applicable packages.) Please title your document something–“YourBookTitleEditDraft” or something unique.

So You’re Ready to Book Me

Yay! I’m so excited for us to work together. Please send a short email to molliwrites@gmail.com with the following information: your name, your book’s category/genre, a brief synopsis + mention of any trigger warnings or rep especially if you’re inquiring about a sensitivity read, and what services you’d like to book me for. We’ll take it from there. <3