What kind of books do you write?

For now, I focus my writing on Romance. My characters typically fall somewhere between the age ranges of New Adult and Adult romance categories, so however you want to read them is fine.

Will you ever write YA?

I hope to, yes. I have so many YA ideas–and my dream is to someday be a published YA author. I want to write female/female YA because it’s vital to me that queer teen readers see characters like them getting happy endings and getting to live, be full, authentic characters, just like they are full, authentic people, and more than a reflection of their sexuality.

Okay, so why do you write books featuring marginalized characters?

I believe that everyone should see themselves in books. I believe that books should be windows, yes, but most importantly, mirrors. I have plans to publish several books with LGBTQIAP+ main characters, but for now, I try to include marginalized characters (people of color, disabled people, queer people, people with mental illness, etc) in each of my books. I do it in a way that feels natural to me, because diversity should never be forced. However, most of my POV characters will be characters that share my marginalizations–characters who are queer, characters with anxiety, and intersections within. I want to let others write their stories so that I can boost them! I can’t ever write a disabled person’s experience or a POC’s experience, and I don’t believe that it’s my place to try–something it took time to learn. Going forward (2016 and onward) my focus is writing within my lane and boosting all other marginalized voices.

What do you do when you aren’t writing?

To be honest, I’m usually reading, working, spending time with my family, my high-maintenance cat, or my girlfriend. I also love working out, swimming, and going on impromptu road trips with my closest friends.

So, how do you ID?

I currently ID as bisexual. You can use she/her pronouns.

Will you beta read my book?

I currently beta read manuscripts only if we have worked together before. 🙂

Where can I keep up with you online?

I’m glad you asked! You can sign up for my newsletter, send me an email (molliwrites@gmail.com), use my contact form, or follow me on Twitter.

Can I do anything to support you right now?

You’re welcome to “buy me a coffee.” Any donations received go to things like website maintenance, book publishing costs, etc. <3

I’m also on Patreon!

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